Monday, May 15, 2006

Mutton Top

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending an amazing 48 hours at the glorious Mutton Top cabin in Lydia, VA (try to find that in Google Maps!). It was one of the most fun and relaxing weekends I've ever had. Check out my awesome photos for the trip here.

Abridged Trip Journal
Day 1: Dave Connolly and I load up the truck and finally get moving at about 6pm. We arrive at the campsite at about 8:30 but are forced to wait at the locked gate for Dave Michaels and George, who have the gate key and are running late. Finally they arrive and we drive, 4x4 style, up to Mutton Top cabin, where we meet the rest of the crowd. Hot dogs grilled over a fire are a tasty late dinner.

Day 2: Delicious egg scramble for breakfast, cooked on our wood-burning stove. At about 10:45 most of us head out for a hike/stroll through the woods. Many, many ticks make frantic attempts to land on us and feast on our blood (at the time of this writing, it appears none were successful). Upon returning two hours later, general relaxation and snacking ensue. Connolly, Michaels, George, Jeff, and Kevin (and me a little) burn many calories by hacking away at wood in an attempt to bulk up our supply for the evening. During one scavanging expedition, Connolly discovers a vine which then becomes the object of much Tarzan-inspired merriment until it breaks from all the abuse. Dinner of grilled corn, burgers, and hot dogs fills our tummy. Later, we stay up late around the campfire, making s'mores and tossing in beer cans to watch them melt in the fire's warm embrace. Nobody knows any good camp songs. It's a Flower Moon out (what's that?)

Day 3: Another delicious meal (surprise!) of banana-chocolate pancakes for breakfast. Everyone packs up and cleans up in a leisurely manner. We lock the door on ol' Mutton Top around 1, just in time to avoid the storm that rolls in shortly afterwards. Dave and I struggle mightily to stay awake for the ride home.

The Mutton Top Cabin Crew

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Horsin' Around at the Virginia Gold Cup

Me with Jan Louis (left) and Jeff


Me acting as bookie at the Gold Cup